Writing and Speaking Confidently

Learners quite often tend to focus on speaking neglecting writing as a method of learning the English language.

The value of learning to speak is no less than the value of learning to write effectively.

It goes without saying that the more you write the better would your writing skill be. Writing skill has become more important nowadays, especially for workplace communication: employees need to use the internet to write and respond to emails and write reports.

Making simple spelling mistakes and basic grammar mistakes can be embarrassing and may even not be tolerated by your colleagues.

So what do you do to improve your writing skills?

1.Actively participate in the class by taking down notes anything your teacher writes on the board to explain some grammar structures or points. Complete all writing assignments given to you.

2.Listen, speak and read as much as possible as these have a bearing on your writing skill.

3.Expose yourself to real English by watching English movies and listening to English songs. Watch T.V. interviews, commentaries and documentaries.

4.Think English when you are writing English. The wrong habit often practiced by students is to translate to English what they think in their mother tongue.
The secret is: Practise, practice and practice!

5.Have pen-pals and start corresponding with your friends overseas. Take advantage of Facebook and Twitter to practice your writing skills.

6.Use interactive websites to practice. Like Quizlet, UsingEnglish or GrammarCheck.

Following these suggestions would make you become confident and skillful in writing.

Are you willing to pay the price?