Reading is the Key

You would have often heard your teacher saying: Reading is the key.

Reasons for reading:
1.To understand texts in English either for the purposes of career advancement, for study or simply for pleasure.

2.To improve the habit of reading. The more you read the better you get at understanding the texts. You become better equipped to write and speak.

3.It has a positive effect on student’s vocabulary knowledge, on their spelling and on their writing.

4.Provides good models for English writing. Learn grammar, construct grammatically correct sentences, learn to paragraph and develop their own style of writing.
5.Develop the love for reading. Open the window to the world of knowledge.

6.Reflective reading enhances critical analytical thinking which is demanded at higher level of education.

7.Improve your reading speed.

Reading should be extensive and intensive.

Wide reading includes reading materials such as newspapers, magazines, comics, story books, biographies, articles sourced from the internet (example, Google) etc.
Use your vocabulary book to learn and use new words. Learn as many words as you can as you read every day. Learn the pronunciation of the words. Learn chunks of phrases. Use what you have learnt when speaking and writing essays, letters etc.
You could go to to purchase or read your favourite books.

Suggested reading list of titles of classics:

Oliver Twist Sherlock Holmes Aesop Fables
David Copperfield Pickwick Papers
King Solomon Mines Christmas Carol Magazines:
Treasure Island Black Beauty Readers Digest
Moby Dick Tom Sawyer
Tale of Two Cities Agatha Christy series Novels:
Kidnapped The Saint series Gone with the Wind
The Thirty-Nine Steps Harry Potter series Roots
Ivanhoe Enid Blyton series Mila 18