English Club: Objectives & Learning Outcomes


  • Give opportunity to students to practice written English on their own through email/facebook correspondence.
  • Give opportunities to students to practice listening skills and practice speaking interactively real English within the students’ community.
  • Increase fluency, reduce accents and build confidence to think and speak English.
  • Allow opportunity for students to express opinions and debate issues and thereby encourage critical thinking.
  • Learn English in a fun way in a natural and authentic English speaking classroom community.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase the use of good grammar and speak fluently in everyday situations.
  • Learn English pronunciation and real spoken English.
  • Learn chunks of phrases, linking verbs and extensive vocabulary.
  • Be a member of an interactive community and encourage life-long learning of English.
  • Enhance quick learning through the fun way in a casual setting.


  • Pronunciation games, puzzle and quizzes, scrabbles and competitions etc.
  • Elocutions, debates, story- telling, reading exercises, discuss issues that encourage critical thinking.
  • Public speaking.Movie reviews and commentaries; listening and singing songs to enhance pronunciation and build common bank of vocabulary.
  • Study trips and group assignments.