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On the surface, knowledge is a word that easily defined: facts, information and skills. In reality, however the definition is incomplete. In a world of filling the gaps of one’s capability, improving skills and adapting sweeping forces of change, English is the main tool for it.

I welcome you to Master English and personally invite you to learn to master English with us and experience the varied and rich Malaysian way of life.

Our mission, as stated in our Mission Statement, is to become the forefront institution for the teaching and learning of real English at all levels. In this, our approach is to provide high qualitative and quantitative teaching, including our concerns for holistic development of the individual, who becomes his or her best to contribute to society.

We are committed to providing learning in a safe, friendly and warm environment that is conducive to study. Come and join Master English to achieve your personal, social and career goals through your mastery of the English language.

Yours truly,
Patrick Lee
Chairman of Board of Directors